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Quincy University Graduate Credit Workshops

The School of Education has been offering Graduate Credit Workshops since 1994.  We have provided thousands of credit hours to certified teachers for their professional development.

The School of Education offers workshops for post baccalaureate students for graduate credit.  These workshops offer area educators experience in a variety of subjects: assessment/evaluation, classroom management, topics in various content areas, instructional technology, methods courses in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, special education, and other special topics such as “school violence,” or “bullying.”  All presenters for Quincy University’s Graduate Credit Workshops hold a master’s degree or higher and most have an extensive teaching background and are leaders in their respective fields.

Workshops include seminar/classroom style workshops (1 day workshop with 4 hour take home projects), Virtual Education Software, Inc. online courses (a link is emailed to you), or Mind University online-style workshops. These workshops are accredited as graduate level study by the Oversight Committee.