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Quincy University Graduate Credit Workshop Policies
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All registrations must be submitted and paid in full to the School of Education by the registration deadline to be enrolled in a workshop. To view the registration deadline please click here. There is a two-week registration cut-off for VESi online courses. You must register more than two weeks before the end of the semester for all VESi courses.
The registration form must be completely filled out to enroll in a workshop. Incomplete forms will be sent back to the participant. 
To pay by check, please mail a check to Quincy University for the full amount or pay using online checking with Tuition Management Systems. Checks will not be charged a fee. 

All credit/debit card transactions will be charged a convenience fee of approximately 3%.  Online registrations will be required to check a box agreeing to the convenience fee. 

All registration convenience fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

At the time of registration, participants will be asked to give an e-mail address which will be the e-mail address used for ALL workshop correspondence with the Workshop Coordinator.


Participants will receive an e-mail to this address by 5 PM the day prior to the enrolled workshop which will include directions to the workshop location and extra information regarding the workshop.

The e-mail will also be used to notify participants of a cancelled workshop. 
Printable receipts are available for those who register online. For additional receipts, please contact the Workshop Coordinator at 217-228-5420 or workshops@quincy.edu.
Course History:
To view your course history with Quincy University, please click here and enter your SSN and  DOB to log in.

Workshops can be cancelled if the enrollment minimum has not been met, bad weather, instructor illness, or an emergency situation. All workshops cancelled for these reasons will either be rescheduled or refunded the full tuition amount. Convenience fees are non-refundable.

Classroom workshops with less than 5 participants enrolled will be cancelled.
Workshops will not be cancelled until the registration deadline for the workshop. You will be notified by email if your workshop has been cancelled.  

If a workshop is cancelled by the Quincy University School of Education Office, the full tuition paid by the student will be refunded. Convenience fees are non-refundable. 

If a workshop participant does not notify the Quincy University Workshop Coordinator of his/her intent not to attend a workshop at least 24 hours prior to the workshop date, no tuition will be refunded. 
Virtual Education Software, Inc. (VESI) & Mind University courses - written notification of withdrawal from the course is required for refunds. Refunds are computed from the date of registration.  Refund amounts are based on the following schedule:
    • First week from date registered- No Charge
    • Second week from date registered - 25% of tuition charged
    • Third week from date registered -  50% of tuition charged
    • Fourth week from date registered - 75% of tuition charged
    • Fifth week from date registered - 100% of tuition charged
Refunds can be applied to another workshop. To register for another workshop, please register as usual. If requested, a refund check will be sent to you.
Grades & Transcripts:
Grades are available online and are not mailed to participants.  To view workshop grades, click here and enter your SSN and DOB to log in.
To request an official transcript, please call the Quincy University Registrar’s Office at 217-228-5280.

Materials are due to VESI and Mind University by December 1 for Fall semesters, May 1 for Spring semesters, and August 1 for Summer semesters.

Grades are due 3 weeks after the workshop date. Please allow 3 weeks after completion and material submission for grades to be released.
Extensions can be granted through the university and your instructor. You must contact your instructor to receive an extension. For the semester you registered, your grade will be recorded "IN," provided an extension was granted.  You have only the following semester to complete the course.
Extension deadline as follows: If you registered in the fall, you have until the end of the spring semester as your extension. If you registered in the spring, you have until the end of the summer semester as your extension. If you registered in the summer, you have until the end of the fall semester as your extension. Any coursework not completed by the end of the next semester will result in course failure. Your grade will change from "IN" to "F." 

If your work is completed in the extension period, you will receive one letter grade deduction.  For example, you earned a grade of an "A" at the end of the second semester extension period.  Then your grade of record will be a "B."


If you would like to appeal an extension or grade, please submit a written appeal to the Graduate Credit Workshop Appeals Committee. Appeals may be faxed to the Workshop Coordinator at 217-228-5418 or mailed to Graduate Credit Workshops, Quincy University, 1800 College Avenue, Quincy, IL 62301.