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How to Register

To help you navigate the registration process, please print this page.


  1. Click “View Courses” on the left column
  2. To narrow your search you may use the drop down box to find specific courses
  3. Click “Course Details” to find further information about the course
  4. To add this course to your cart, click “Add to Cart”
  5. To view more courses, click the “View More Courses”
  6. To view what is in your cart, click “View My Cart”
  7. To checkout, click “Checkout”
  8. To delete any courses from your cart, check the box next to the course and click “Delete”
  9. Checkout- For students who have taken previous workshops or classes with Quincy University, please sign in with your social security number and date of birth.  For new students to Quincy University, please click “Register.”  New students must complete ALL fields to register with the University.  Then log in with your SS# and DOB.
  10. Returning Students and New Students will view the classes in their cart and the total bill for the workshops enrolled.  Click “Enroll” to register for the courses listed.
  11. Please print the next page for your records and click “Pay” to purchase this course.  
  12. NOTE: All courses must be paid in full to enroll.
  13. Choose payment option.
Pay by Mail: Print your registration and mail a check for the full amount to the address provided.  You will not be considered “registered” until the check arrives to Quincy University.

Pay Online: Please read carefully about online payments.  Check the box and click “Go” if you would like to continue to pay for your workshop online.  The next page is Quincy University payment section with Tuition Managements Systems.  Click “Pay in Full.”  On the next screen click “Quincy University Education Workshops.”  At the bottom of the page click your desired payment option: check or credit card.  Then click “Continue.” 

For credit/debit cards, fill out the information and click continue twice.  Print final page for your documentation. For online checking, fill out the information and click continue. Print final page for your documentation. 

 You will receive an e-mail confirmation at the e-mail address you provided.  This will also be the e-mail address used for workshop correspondence.  For questions, please call the Workshop Coordinator at 217-228-5420 or e-mail at workshops@quincy.edu.